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The Great Migration- Should you be investing in The Cloud?

Cloud computing is one of the buzzwords of modern technology. From personal to professional use, it seems that everyone is talking about ‘The Cloud’, but what does this mean for your business and your IT options? Is cloud computing really reliable enough and secure enough to entrust with your data, and does it really have the upper hand over in-house hosted solutions?

The advantages of The Cloud

Ease of use & Accessibility

The Cloud allows you the flexibility to choose when and where you work. Sales agents can access data on the move and teams can work remotely whilst staying in contact and being able to access data.

Going Green & Cutting Costs

Using cloud solutions can cut a company’s costs dramatically. Not running energy-hungry servers cuts your energy bill and consequently helps the environment-perfect if you are an ecologically conscious business.


Cloud solutions are often easier to scale to different sizes of enterprise than old offline software, which provided a one-size-fits-all approach and could swamp smaller companies or fail to provide fully for larger organisations.

Freeing up IT to focus on innovation

Your It department are no longer tied up maintaining servers and dealing with day-to-day faults. This is now all in the hands of a professional team solely dedicated to the task of maintenance.

Things to consider:

-You will be reliant on an internet connection access your work

-Check the security status of where your data is being stored

-Customisation of software is not available as often as with installed solutions

The most important conclusion is to choose the solution which works best for you.  Some companies may fit better with an all-cloud approach, others will prefer to remain on in-house servers. Many more companies will find their ‘best fit’ in a mix of both technologies, migrating sections of their business to the cloud and keeping other in-house.

Technology is meant to make life easier and to be a tool for us to use. No tool is perfect for every job and we need to select the technological tools which are the best fit for each function.


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