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Want to retain customers? Invest in your CRM

CRM systems are all pervasive today, and depending upon the size of the organisation you work for you may have used any of a huge variety of tools. From the most basic free platforms to large server-based applications storing millions of records the overall goal of CRM programmes is the same-to store and organise data on those in contact with a company.

Whether it be B2C or B2B every company needs to keep and categorise detailed records on those using its services, and yet keeping the data you need can overwhelm those required to use it.

Typically seen as the realm of sales teams, CRM systems have an important role to play longer term in your business. Once a customer has been gained the majority of companies are then focussed on retaining them, but many don’t appreciate how important a good software platform to manage customer data is. CRM is not just about leads being chased by the sales teams but it can allow marketing and customer care teams to perform their duties more effectively.

Nothing is more likely to damage your company’s image than a customer care force unable to find records relating to a particular client. In larger companies it is rare to call and speak to the same agent twice; therefore those at the sharp end of your business need access to a centralised repository of data containing all they need to handle complaints and queries effectively. To be unable to achieve this is to make your clients feel both undervalued and short changed, making them more likely to look elsewhere.

  • 68% of customers leave because they feel a company is indifferent to them [1]
  • A commitment to customer experience and retention results in25% higher revenue than marketing and sales initiatives[2]

The same need for data control applies to marketing departments. How can a company market itself effectively if those charged with this task don’t know their core market and are unable to segment their current users effectively? To avoid this you need a tool with the capability to store all the information and allow your employees to sort and categorise it, searching according to define terms and metrics.

The simple truth?

Invest in your CRM capabilities and the investment will be richly rewarded


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