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What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Data World

The latest analysis of the data industry has been released in the form of the World Data List Price Index. Their Winter Report, released every year, charts the changes in pricing within the data sales and rental markets and compares them to those 12 months previously. The latest instalment of this report shows some very … Continue reading

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How to Maximise Your Direct Marketing Returns

Want to make the most of your Direct Marketing efforts? Use Wyvern’s Top-Tips for Direct Marketing success to help you improve your returns. Ensure you have good quality data Before undertaking a campaign submit your data to rigorous testing and improvement via De-Duping, Data Cleansing, and Appending. This means you will be working with verified, up to … Continue reading

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A View from Inside Data Care- An Interview with Louise Halifax

In the final installment of our Meet the Team series we meet Louise Halifax, Wyvern’s Head of CRM and Direct Marketing. Wyvern Blog: Hi Louise, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. You joined Wyvern recently didn’t you? Louise: I joined 5 months ago to head up their CRM and DataCare sections. Previously I worked … Continue reading

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Integrating your CRM with Other Programs- A Costly Business?

Buying  a CRM system can be daunting, especially when it comes to the bewildering range of options and integrations many vendors offer. Many business people feel that in order to get a top-of-the range CRM system, they have to pay over the odds to one of the big vendors. who, with their dazzling marketing materials, … Continue reading

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The Proof of the Pudding- Will the data proposals work?

The latest proposals on EU data regulation reform from MEP Jan Albrecht are designed to protect consumers from the attentions of such ‘rogue’ marketers. They have, as we well know, been met with a variety of reactions ranging from anger, enthusiasm and scorn, and as we have previously argued on this blog, whilst well-intentioned may … Continue reading

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Should we be afraid?-The potential impact of the proposed amendments to the EU Data Protection regulations on the Direct Marketing industry

The most noticeable part of the coverage has been the statistics bandied about by varying organisations. The DMA recently revealed that UK business invested £14.2 billion in data-driven marketing in 2012 alone, meaning that should direct marketing cease, the economy would be dealt a hard blow. However the total cessation of direct marketing is a … Continue reading