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The Challenges of CRM Adoption- and How To Overcome Them

So you have taken the bull by the horns and have bought a new CRM system for your company. You might have been using another platform before or this could be your first purpose-built system, but it’s likely that you will face the same challenges when it comes to encouraging your team to adopt the new system and buy into the project.

In the 30 years Wyvern has been in the direct marketing services business we have seen many companies buy a shiny new CRM because their CEO feels they need it.

Then months later many of these business leaders with bright ideas have found their plan to modernise customer relations is scuppered by resistance amongst their workforce who refused to use the tool, declared it to be too difficult, or claimed it slowed their work down too much.

Successfully implementing CRM is not merely a case of the top levels of the hierarchy telling those below them how they will work and what tools they will use. There is a more complex balance here.

It’s not just CRM systems which face this kind of resistance, most forms of new technology are subject to these sorts of problems, however for some reason we often take less care when it comes to embedding software into our businesses, than hardware for example.

Why are employees resistant to new technology?

A fear of the unfamiliar– We are programmed to be wary of the unfamiliar and whilst that is effective in the natural world, it can be damaging in our modern environment where a resistance to change can prevent us from seizing opportunities or adopting new methods of working.

Stuck in our ways- Humans are creatures of habit and making changes to our usual patterns of behaviour requires a great deal of effort. We need to recognise this and try to control it in order to adapt more effectively.

Technology and the ‘I can’t work that’ syndrome– Tying into our fear of the unfamiliar we often underestimate our own ability when it comes to new challenges. A little confidence boost may be in order to help any users who feels this way, as well as making sure they have thorough training.

How to get past these objections among your colleagues and employees?



how to encourage crm adoption with Wyvern infographic

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